Easter Weekend Is Around The Corner. Here Are Some Ideas That You And Your Family Can Enjoy

Easter is just around the corner! A time for families and communities to come together to enjoy some family friendly fun.
If you’ve stuck on what to do Easter weekend, here are some ideas to help guide you and your family to have a fun-packed few days!

You can start with one of the most traditional events held during easter, an easter egg hunt! You can start off by boiling eggs and having a night of decorating and colouring them. It’s child friendly and acts as a great bonding activity for everybody!
You can even go the extra mile and decorate baskets for the kids to store their eggs in!
Pair the egg hunt with a brunch and you have the best of both worlds: happy kids and parents!
Plan a few games that include the eggs children are picking up, Including something like an egg race will add more fun to your egg hunt!

Decorating the house for Easter weekend is also sure to give you that extra kick and Easter spirit every morning you wake up.
After the egg hunt, you can plan an easter meal! Honey baked ham or turkey make great staples for an event like this. Hearty, filling, and healthy, an Easter dinner is a great way to either wrap up or start off the weekend! So plan accordingly
Your local malls and community centres are also most-likely packed full with events and ideas to carry you through this weekend. So if you and your family are bored of being stuck at home, then take a quick trip to the mall or your local community center and see what it has to offer!
Whatever it is you get up to this upcoming Easter weekend, we hope it bonds your family closer to each other! If you have any ideas as to what you can do this Easter, don’t hesitate to forward them our way!

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