7 Million Pounds of Sausages Recalled Due To Cartilage And Bone Particles Found Inside

It is not often that a mass-product recall is instilled within the market, but it also not as rare as one would think.
Over the past decades, product recalls have increased in numbers according to researchers. A product recall is when a company requests to recall or return products after discovering potential health risks/hazards that might endanger consumers.
For example, in 1982 Johnson & Johnson’s mainstream over the counter medication Tylenol was recalled after 13 people dying after taking the caplets.
In another incident in August 2006, electronics company Dell recalled 4.1 million batteries that were produced by Sony! The recall report stated that the recall was prompted after allegations of several laptops catching fire caused by the batteries malfunctioning.

In most recent recall news, The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Inspection Service announced that over 7 million pounds of Sabrett brand sausages and hot dogs are being recalled! Allegedly, pieces of bones and cartilage were found in some of the products.
It has been reported that at least one person was injured orally as a result of Sabrett’s sausage products.
Sabrett is a nationwide company that markets its products across 21 states within the Americas.
Sabrett posted a statement on their website owning up to the mistake on their part: “As a fourth-generation, family-owned company, Sabrett takes its responsibility to provide safe foods very seriously with robust internal food safety program. The recall was initiated after customers reported small pieces of bone and cartilage being found in these products. At the time, staff immediately investigated and identified an issue that could have allowed this to occur, and an equipment installation issue was quickly addressed.”
Consumers who have bought these products from June 19 to October 6th are advised to call in or visit the Sabrett website for a full-refund.

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