This Law Student Won 65 Thousand Dollars in Scholarship Competition

When the Supreme Court forced Philip Shawe, the co-CEO of TransPerfect, to sell his company, he looked into resources outside his own legal council to try to keep his company alive.
That’s why he created a one-time scholarship to entice and attract legal arguments from currently students undergoing law school. A creative way to get a defense without having to turn to his own lawyers.

The scholarship promised a total of $115,000 in prize money to the top three best arguments made by law students. The first place winner would receive $65,000, second place receives $25,000, and third place is awarded $10,000.
The competition closed its doors as of last week with a winner announced! Steven Hermosa, a graduate from Levin College of Law at the University of Florida, provided the best argument for the grand-prize of $65,000!

He first heard about the scholarship through an online advertisement. Upon seeing the amount, Hermosa had to click to confirm the amount of the large prize. After realizing that it wasn’t a scam, he sent in a brief in accordance with the Philip R. Shawe scholarship rules and regulations
According to Hermosa, “it was an unforgettable experience. What more could you ask for than the opportunity to argue a real-world case in front of judges and future peers.”
After the official banquet was eld for the competition, guests were escorted to the rooftop where a surprise performance by Snoop Dogg was held.
Hermosa described the event as “bizarre, but was great practical experience.” When we asked him what he plans to do with the money won, he said that he’s going to take a small vacation with his wife, and will be using the rest of his funds to pay off his student loans.

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